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Commaklar is a series of electronic music events in the heart of Upper Swabia.

It was founded in 2010 by four lads: Frieder, Jakob and Simon and Vasco. With a passion for electronic music the boys made it their goal to expand the regional offer through their music events. As a result monthly performances in a variety of clubs in the local area of Ravensburg occurred.


Over the last couple of years, Commaklar was able to impress their audiences with national and international artists like Kölsch, Monkey Safari and Umami (refer to archives).

Regional artists such as Masaje, Marius Hörsturz and Tony Casanova have had the opportunity to shine behind these turntables.


To complete the musical environment some events offer an additional Hip Hop dancefloor. Nationwide disc jockeys for example Edgar Wasser or 5ter Ton have proven their talent at the microphone and turntable alongside indigenous DJs like DJ Chrisbo, King Buddy and DJ Rookie.

Of course the boys of Commaklar also enjoy providing their audiences with the finest electronic dance music.


The annual Open Air Event is the icing on the cake. The audience is attracted through love for detail and a line up of many different artists – and they keep coming back.

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